TEMPELHOF CENTER |  Winter Term 2017

M-Arch-T | Typology Design Studio



The lack of land and its constant rising cost, together with the actual deterioration of the urban city centers, makes high density and overlapping functions essential tools to design the buildings of the future. The mix of different uses and structures in one single building not only activates the building itself but also the surroundings, while saving ground space and creating new typologies.


The City Administration of Berlin is planning to transform the area around the city hall of Tempelhof district. Its bases were developed in an open dialogue between citizens, city and planners. The proposal is seeking to improve the public infrastructure on the one hand, and to make space for new housing development on the other. The current design includes the demolition of the existing public library and its relocation next to the City Hall on Tempelhofer Damm.


The M-ARCH-T typology design studio is taking on the challenge to design this new public building not only as a library but as a civic center – a public infrastructure that can house and inform public life in the local center of Tempelhof.


As a laboratory for new building types, the studio will investigate the combination of diverse spatial conditions within a big building volume as a means to provide the infrastructure for a mutually benefitting hybridization of space and program.




Wed, 11.10.17 | 5 p.m. | A701