Architektonische Situationen, Hans Dieter Schaal






Modul: Arch M WP HA(6) BE 5.01 Architekturkommunikation (4 SWS | 6 LP)


Unlike usual design tasks – where program, context or budget defines the starting point -, the departure for our seminar will be a word referred to a spatial feeling, a way to be. We will explore those different and extreme individual concepts and how architecture can powerfully evoke them. Every week we will introduce a new architectural parameter – depth, scale, light, material, structure… – together with a new representation technique – object, texture, collage, digital visualisation, model, drawing…- in order to slowly approach architecture from its language, and not the other way around. Conceiving is representing and representing is conceiving. We will trust on “how to express it” in order to figure out “what it is”. The focus of the seminar is the potential of architectural representation not only as a tool for explanation but also for exploration. The goal is to design a wide and wild range of extreme spaces working from unusual perspectives. At the end of the semester each of us will have a collection of architectonical expressions that will not necessarily lead to a final solution but a crossed-meaning set of tools for the future. If a story begins with a finding, it must end with a searching.

This seminar will be hold in english and it is open to M-ARCH-T students.



Room A 606

Wednesdays, 2 pm – 6 pm

Intro and quick overview: 11.04.2018

First day of class: 18.04.2018